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When Al Bundy gets fed up with how his family treats him, he wishes he was never born. His guardian angel arrives to face the ungrateful man and shows him what life would be like without him. Peggy is married to a wealthy socialite named, Norman Jablonsky and is a wonderful mother and housewife. Kelly is a college student genius and child prodigy in French and writing. Bud is not a dysfunctional nerd, but a ladies man and also a genius. Norman reveals that he's planning to buy a mansion for all of them to live in. Then he shows Al, where Marcy lives. She is still married to Steve and has three children. Unlike the perfect Jablonsky family, she has developed Peg-like manners when she refuses to cook and clean for him, causing him to inherit Al-like manners. He's very miserable and works in a shoe store. This finally give the misanthropic Al a clue, that in wishing he was never born, not only are Peg, Bud and Kelly are happy, but Marcy and Steve are miserable. He decides he wants to ... Written by Anonymous

The second track on the album, "Summertime", earned the duo a second Grammy Award for Best Single in early 1992. Will Smith admitted that he tried to make his voice sound deeper than usual for this album, as many fans enjoyed the track "Then She Bit Me" from the duo's previous album, And in This Corner... , which was sung in this style. " You Saw My Blinker " is one of only two instances in which Smith uses obscenities in his music. However, the song reached #20 Billboard Hot 100 [ citation needed ] and #22 Hot R&B/Hip Hop singles. Four singles were released from the album: "Summertime", "The Things That U Do", "Ring My Bell" and "You Saw My Blinker".

Syl Johnson I Wanna Know Well Oh WellSyl Johnson I Wanna Know Well Oh WellSyl Johnson I Wanna Know Well Oh WellSyl Johnson I Wanna Know Well Oh Well