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I was standing at a stoplight, waiting to cross the street, when I felt something touch the back of my left hand. A strange warmth spread through me and brought with it a kind of lethargy. I saw myself as if from a distance, as if I were an outside observer of my own actions. I saw next to me a pudgy young man with bright red hair.

In director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation of the . James best-seller, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is a college senior who literally falls for billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) when she trips upon entering his office to interview him. She bites her lip and his pencil. She is intimidated by him and learns little more than that he “enjoys various physical pursuits.” When Christian later shows up at the hardware store where Anastasia works — to buy cable ties, masking tape and rope  — their relationship, which consists of an extended game of catch and release, develops further. He says he doesn’t do the girlfriend thing, but he does kindly hold her hair as she vomits. And he buys her expensive presents.

Finally after 30 minutes, Christian takes his shirt off, allowing Dornan to show off his gym-built arms, as well as his chest, stomach and back muscles. He also reveals he has “very singular” tastes. Speaking of taste, Christian finally kisses Anastasia, passionately, in an elevator. He later tells her, “I don’t make love. I fuck. Hard.” Then he shows her his playroom. And, no, it’s not where he keeps his Xbox, as she asks in one of the film’s intentionally funny moments.  

 · The raincoat and the umbrella have been the staples of rainwear for decades, probably even centuries, but Chinese designers are attempting to challenge ...

Various Raincoat BrigadierVarious Raincoat BrigadierVarious Raincoat BrigadierVarious Raincoat Brigadier