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Makosinski said she’s been quite interested in harvesting unused energy in the surrounding environment , which led her to discover Peltier tiles. Peltier devices, as people who get super into heat sinks know, produce electricity when one side of the tile is heated while the other side is cooled. This, in turn, led Makosinski to attempt to use Peltier tiles to provide enough power to an LED for it to generate enough light. She found it did provide enough power, but it didn’t provide enough voltage.┬áRather than give up, she reworked the circuit to allow for transformers, which would help increase the voltage. After buying — as well as building — circuits that didn’t get the job done, she eventually came across one that claimed to provide the necessary voltage. She bought it, and it worked.

Torch Bad GirlsTorch Bad GirlsTorch Bad GirlsTorch Bad Girls