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Next, I need to find some kansui so I can tackle the noodle making as I’m not super happy with the noodles I get in Chinatown.

 · The challenge? Figure out how to make world-class tonkotsu ramen right in my own kitchen. It took over 40 pounds of bones and over 200 hours of collective ...

We had had a great experience at this restaurant three years ago. Pleasant ambiance, delicious food with subtle flavours. We wanted to treat our friends so came back recently, having talked it up. Such a difference. We couldn't hear ourselves talk and the food was far less imaginative and nuanced. It was also overly oily. Disappointing.

Around lunch time on Thanksgiving Day, Bobby came in with 3 big plates of home cooked food.  He had two plates of turkey, dressing, bread, and vegetables, along with another plate filled with homemade desserts.  How could you not like someone like that?  I don’t think Bobby and his family had even had their own meal at that time and little did I realize, but Bobby lived about 15 miles away.  He’s just that kind of guy.  I thanked him for thinking of me that day and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying a delicious home cooked meal.

When making a Western-style stock, heating bones in water is a means of removing water-soluble proteins from the interior and exterior of the bones and dissolving them into solution, adding flavor to the water. The heating and simmering process also catalyzes a few other reactions, mainly the conversion of collagen —the protein that comprises most of the connective tissue—into gelatin , the familiar protein that thickens and adds richness to broth (and Jell-O).

I have never had creamed corn or anything like it. I am a strict “corn on the cob” person, but my temporary Southern residence has made me want to try other types. This recipe seems like a great option where we’ll still taste the crisp and sweet corn but get a little bit of that creamed corn texture, too. Thanks Amanda!!

In Saint-Pascal, a village two hours north of Quebec City, the burger topping of choice is Kraft Catalina dressing. Frédéric Morin and David McMillan create a tangy homemade version with tomato, vinegar, paprika, garlic and hot sauce.

This dish truly does have peas o' plenty—black eyed peas, purple hull peas, crowder peas, and butter peas. Pick them up at your farmer's market for a great summer side.

But the idea of ‘kid’ friendly food is an American one. Everywhere else kids eat exactly what adults eat, maybe with few small adjustments. Europeans wouldn’t feed their dogs with chicken nuggets and bologna that are catered to kids here. It’s amazing how successful this type of brainwashing has been, to advertise really unhealthy foods as ‘kid friendly’ while fresh foods, fish and vegetables as undesirable.

Fatback So DeliciousFatback So DeliciousFatback So DeliciousFatback So Delicious