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6 INTRODUCTION WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS This Owner’s Manual contains WARNINGS against op- erating procedures that could result in an accident or bodily injury. It also contains CAUTIONS against proce- dures that could result in damage to your vehicle. If you do not read this entire manual, you may miss important information.

Ready for another explosion BANG! Sound dull? It is dull. The mechanical-textbook world must necessarily and primarily be concerned with theoretical aspects of mechanical problems and their solutions. Practical considerations are secondary to the teaching and learning of theories. In the "real" world, the situation is usually reversed. And so it is, and has been with the four-stroke cycle internal (infernal, if you prefer) combustion piston engine. Practical applications of concepts, ideas and modifications have had such incredibly mind-boggling results since the inception of this type of power plant that the original theoretical approach, as it is still taught and learned, is as antiquated as if it had been carved by hand on tablets of stone. This doesn't suggest that the basic premise, as taught and learned, is necessarily wrong. It does suggest that this premise has been oversimplified to unattainable extremes. Perhaps this isn't all bad for the novice, but for more advanced students of the four-stroke cycle engine, this most basic approach falls flat on its nose, simply because it is inadequate. And DULL. The latter factor alone has probably been the direct cause of more dropouts in this area of study than such unrealistic teaching methods could ever hope to gain.
While the study of the four-stroke cycle engine may not be the most stimulating pursuit in the world, it is anything but dull. Moreover, the practitioners of practicalities - the imaginative designers, innovators, inventors, doers - have almost completely rewritten the original theoretical premise so the original tablets of stone, carved by hand, may be safely consigned to the gravel pit.

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